Neem Oil for organic farming English Hindi

neem oil for organic farming
neem oil for organic farming

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पानी में घुलनशील नीम तेल, , यह हानिकारक कीड़ों के लिए  सब्जियां, फल, फूल पौधों, बालकनी गार्डन, छत उद्यान होम उद्यान, बगीचों आदि के लिए के लिए की कई प्रजातियों से पौधों की रक्षा के लिए  आर्गेनिक खेती  के लिए

2 bottles of Water Soluble Neem Oil, Broad Spectrum Results, It protects plants from many species of harmful insects and pests.Suitable for Vegetables, Fruits, Flower Plants ,for Balcony Gardens, Terrace Gardens, Home Gardens, Orchards etc,when this product is mixed with water it gives clear milky white emulsion, Eco Friendly, It does not harm beneficial insects and predators, Non toxic , easy application , perfect for Home Gardening, 2 bottles

  • 150 ML X 2 = 300 ML consumer pack , Top Quality water soluble Neem oil
  • This product is usually harmless to non target species and to beneficial insects and predatory mites
  • Not a water hazardous material low toxicity to bees
  • Neem Oil is Highly Effective for garden Pest Control
  • The product prevent insecticide resistance

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