Tolzan® Plus- L VET

tolzan plus-l
tolzan plus-l

Tolzan® Plus- L VET

A Single Safe Solution for Twin Problems.


Effective for the treatment and control of acute & chronic fascioliasis in Cattle buffaloes, sheep and goats. Kills both mature & immature liver flukes & amphistomes

Removes tapeworm segments of Moneizia spp. Levamisole component treats round worm infestation.


Oxyclozanide                   I.P …3.4% w/v

Levamisole Hydrochloride I.P.….2.5% w/v


  • TolzanPlus-L treats the round worms and liver flukes in cattle, sheep and goats.
  • Tolzan Plus-l controls adult and immature stages of conical flukes also (paramphistomum spp)
  •  it can be used safely in pregnant animals during all stages of pregnancy.
  •  It can safely be given to all cattle, sheep and goats without any pre-dosing. Starving or change of diet.

Dosage and administration:


90 ml for 300 kg body weight by oral route as drench.

Sheep and Goats:

9 ml for 30 kg body weight by oral route as drench.

Followed by a second identical dose 72 hours later.


At room temperature away from Sunlight.


120 ml plastic bottle and 1 lit jerry can

Withdrawal period:

Milk: “0” day

Meat: 14 days

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