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Build a Greenhouse

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green house
green house

Classic Polyethylene Greenhouse

The Classic Polyethylene Greenhouse offers 5 models, in order to provide the optimal solution suitable for specific climate conditions and crop requirements.

The Classic Greenhouse includes various types of roof ventilation:

  • Fixed vent
  • Fixed vent with roof curtain
  • Single roof vent
  • Butterfly – double roof vent
  • Closed roof vent

Selecting the correct roof ventilation enables the grower to adapt an existing model to specific climate conditions. The Classic is constructed with reinforced closed square profiles.

The greenhouse Polyethylene cover is connected with reusable PVC or aluminum locking profiles. It is designed for standard wind loads of up to 150 km/h and vertical loads of up to 40 kg/sqm.

  • Gable: 8.0 or 9.60m
  • Section: 4.0m
  • Gutter Height: up to 4.75m


Fixed vent with roof curtain

Fixed vent

Double roof vent

Single roof vent

Whatsapp 9814105671  Call 9814388969

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