Foreign Flowers Take Over Market in Northern India


Foreign Flowers Take Over Market in Northern India

Flowers growing abroad are dominating the Indian market. Many farmers are considering to turn to flower cultivation due to the popular demand of foreign flowers.

Flowers grown abroad like gerberas, lilies, carnations and American roses have taken over the local market in the Moradabad District of India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

A flower cultivator says that the availability of foreign flowers year round has made business more profitable.

[Tinku Shrama, Flower Cultivator]:
“The foreign flowers we grow are profitable and sell in every season.”

A botany professor says foreign flowers attract both customers and cultivators.

[K. K. Gupta, Botany Professor]:
“Yes, definitely flowers are in high demand for decoration purposes. In that regard, foreign flowers have new and different varieties and we always try to introduce such flowers, which are attractive.”

A number of cultivators in Moradabad are growing foreign flowers in the hope of earning greater profits.

Many farmers have also opted to substitute traditional farming with flower cultivation.


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