Low cost greenhouse farming


Low cost greenhouse farming

Uploaded on 23 Jan 2012

This video shows the construction of a low cost greenhouse and bed preperation for planting.

The primary function of greenhouse is to provide plants with additional carbon dioxide. Neither heating nor cooling is required under climatic conditions in Western Part of India. Carbon dioxide is exhaled byby green plants during the neight, and by soil microorganisms throughout the day. Carbon dioxide, being heavier than air, accumulates near the ground.

Low cost tissue culture uses pressure cooker instead of autoclave, rain water instead of distilled water and jam jars instead of costly Pyrex or Borosil ware. A laboratory producing just a few hundred plantlets per week can be set up at less than Rs.6 hundredthousand.

The micropropagated plantlets are used only as mother plants, which are multiplied in a nursery, under exclusion of pests, and the second or third generation is sold to farmers. The cost per plant is reduced drastically in this way.

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